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Low Poly

Here is a diary of my progress in my low poly thingy. Still don’t know what I am making, just going with the flow!

Whats next?
– Skydome
– Bend terrain around spheres (=planet)
– Shaders to make it look better
– Spaceships? Robots? Creatures?

Player (23/11/2014)

Added a simple player, decided not to use bounding volume but point mesh for physics collisions as this works really simple with the generated surfaces. In fact now that I have gotten a hang of it I’m considering to create all objects from generative functions.

Physics (2/11/2014)

Added a simple discrete physics solver, calculations are still only done between spheres and the surfaces. Check it out:

Lodding (1/11/2014)

I tried to add lodding, but by the end of the day it still was pretty buggy. Here is the technique by Jonathan Blow back in 2003.

Advancing Front triangulation (26/10/2014)

I implemented a triangulator from scratch, by progressing edges over the surface and building triangles.

Surface triangulation (19/9/2014)

Initial research on different ways to create a mesh from a volume surface.

Surface Nets

Surface Nets ^^ didn’t work out :/

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