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Yesterday I was at a dinner, when we arrived we had to choose a beermat for our drinks. All beermats where customized for the guests and you had to figure out which one was yours. For me it was really simple (unfortunately I broke it):

The next day I woke up with an urge to implement a digital bead creator. Actually the idea to this came from my my girlfriend Anna and her friend Matilda who did a cool artsy project a year ago. They had the idea of doing something interactively with digital beads. Check out the I bead you project.

Also I have wanted to try out flash GPU support for some time but never gotten around to do it so I decided to strike two flies in one hit (as we say in Sweden). This was very easy and I only ran into one problem: The GPU support didn’t work at all at first. After an hour of browsing and reading forums I decided to try update my device drivers and viola, there where more triangles than I could count. I looked around a bit for a 3D engine to use and finally went with Away3D 4 beta. It was really easy to use. Here is the result (you can’t save your creations or anything so screenshot it if you want to keep).

Latest change list 17/3/2012
– Added mock up menus, new UI, feedback box

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I have a cool idea on some expansions of this, not sure if it’s possible to do yet.. more on that later.

This is what Anna did:



  • played with this when i was young 😀

  • I love this game thanks. I made a Creeper!

  • Very fun to play with, made a neat creeper then tried to make Megaman but ran out of blue beads. D:

    • Thanks everyone for the kind words. I will fix the “running out of beeds” during the week.

      • Looking forward to playing more with it! Now I actually want the beads to make that creeper I sent you on Twitter though, hahaha.

    Wow… This is pretty awesome. YOU MADE THIS IN A DAY???

    • Thanks, yes, well in total about 12 hours with some quick breaks for food.

    I think switching the perspective controls to rmb instead of lmb would help as I find myself getting stuck switching perspective and not moving beads, and more types of green-turquoise, so i can make better creepers… Sssss!

    • Yes that is pretty annoying, rmb doesn’t work with flash so I might do some something like space+mouse. Yes, I will create more beads.

    Pretty neat, thinking of seeking out the giant jar of beads we have somewhere 😀 (I bet i can just ask my mom, she loves them :P)

  • Nice! And I like the stuff you’re stuff at mojang too!

  • I ment the mob things you are doing at mojang, sorry mobile auto correction, and by the way, in NL, we say ‘catch two flies in one hit’ too

  • Aw… For some reason I can’t play! It says I need to get Flash, but Flash is built into Chrome 🙁

    • Weird, what flash version do you have? you need fp 11 at least.

    Yay for the update! Time to play with pixel art! 😀