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Started on campaign

Now that I got the level editor running making levels is pretty easy. So I spent some hours throwing together a bunch of levels. I want the start levels to be really easy and basic and incrementally get more complex. I decided to build a world with clusters of levels – each cluster introduces a […]

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Laser Towers

I had a very productive weekend. Previously I had designed levels directly in xml/json with a standalone simplistic “level paint program”. I didn’t like this setup for many reasons, one being code maintenance in two places another being longer iteration times. Even though I really don’t like programming editors I decided to spend last weekend […]

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Making of a Tower Defense

Right now I’m between two jobs which gives me a week of creative coding, oh yeah! As I said in an earlier post I wanted to create a tower defense game, then I got sidetracked and made “Shadowess” instead, which was a lot of fun and created some of the foundations for this game. I want to create a […]

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