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Ludum Dare – cell.evolve

Ludum dare is a game competition where you make a game in 48h. By making a game I mean making everything, music, sound fx, graphics and coding. Coding is no problem, but with the rest I am so noob.

Anyways, I finally pulled my self together to participate. I decided to sleep all I needed and not stress. In total I put 8h + 13h into the making. Today was a bit stressful. But I am happy that I can go to bed soon.

The things I didn’t have time to finish was for the player to upgrade the ai of the unselected cells (now they are just randomly walking around). For the evil cells there are four behaviors RandomWalk, FindFood, FindBooster and FindEnemy. Cells are created with a random combination of those. I didn’t have time to add a AvoidDanger behaviour either. Also, I wanted to add a laser gun for the surprise.

I was inspired by a game called Osmos. And I used the same “material spitting out when moving” effect as they did (since I loved it so much). As of the mechanics I think cell.evolve is different since you split cells and control a whole army against many competing ais. To avoid being mixed up I should probably put it in a different atmosphere and not added the farts.

The theme is ‘Evolution’ and here is my contribution called cell.evolve (2 MB – be patient):

Complete a level by: Divide into 5 (by eating) and terminate all evil cells

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– Click on the blue cell to and click where you want to move
– Eat food and boosters (speed + metabolism)
– Avoid ugly stuff (poison, evil cells)
– ESC toggles menu
– SPACE restarts level
– R restarts from level 1

Graphics, SoundFx (generated in as3sfxr), Music (generated in WolframTone) and code by me. (I love being able to tell I’ve made the music even though I just pulled some sliders).

Over and out, also here is the source code.


    are there black cells? if yes, they are virtually invisible :/

    • That is probably a bug :/

    Very interesting game design.

  • I played this for like two hours. . . I love it.

    I would pay good money to see this finished.

    Did you consider multiplayer? Seems like it would work, there are multiple teams with the same goal.

    It could also probably work if ported to android iOS, controls should be simple enough for touch.

    Only problem I can see is that on later levels (past 13) there seem to be phantom cells or something, your cells will just randomly be absorbed by something.

    • Thanks!

      Multiplayer would be really cool, but it probably involves a lot of work, so I will leave that for now. Yes, there seems to be a bug that may appear then. Will investigate in the future. Thanks for playing.