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Porting Shadowess

The next project i’m doing is porting my old game ‘Shadowess‘ to stage 3D to benefit from the power of the GPU. By doing so I can see how this game could work on mobiles (with different controls, point-and-move). The reason I want to try this is because it go very good rating on game sites (4.00 on

Last weekend I wrote the new lightning system (hard dynamic 2d shadows for Stage 3D). I will probably write a little post on how i did this when I get time. This weekend I started the port and I was surprised how far it got. Since levels will be larger and richer I decided to start with a random level generator just to have something to play with.

Here is the result so far. Beware of general ugliness, most meshes/colors are placeholders – this is the first port version 😀

WASD – Move (Up/Down arrows also)
ARROWS – Turn (QE)
SHIFT – Move slowly

Mouse control is not implemented yet. Be patient while loading (1.5MB)

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    This is a pretty neat game, i think that it would be cool if when the enemy balls were running close to you and you dodged them they would have an effect much like that of an orbit (if done right a player could technically make it appear that one of the enemy is orbiting them) Great game otherwise! ^-^/


    • Ahh, good idea. That would get the feeling that they are sensing you and looking for you. Will look over the ai once the port is done. Thanks.

    When I first saw your tweet about the game I already knew I would like it, but I didn’t know I would like it this much! playing this only reminds of Metal Gear Solid, which is a game I love so having it in a mini version is just perfect. I can’t wait to see it improve and I wouldn’t mind seeing this on IOS and Android devices.

    • Thanks Scott, I really appreciate it! Yes its gonna be fun to see how it works on le mobile.

    This is a cool game but i must be really bad at it because im stuck on level 6

    • Levels are randomly generated for now, so they are more like placeholders right now. Hint is to hit the walls to attract them away.

    Neat, hard to realise that that moving thing on lvl 9 is a switch

    • Yeah, they are all quick hacks 😀

    Hey Jon, brilliant work so far. Haven’t seen the original but it looks great already! Also reminded me of MGS! …just went and had a go of the original… great little game!

    With a solid game engine behind it, bringing this into the realms of 3D will deffo open up a world of possibilities, really look forward to seeing where you end up taking this!

    • Thanks Ben, I appreciate it. Will try to update it every now and then!

    Awesome simple game! I would love to see newer levels, and if possible, a bit more difficult, but continue like this, I love your minigames

    • Thanks!! Yes there will be plenty of levels in the future.

    Awesome, the music is super creepy, so it feels scary (good scary!).

    It would be cool if the enemies had more variants (aside from size and color), like ones that can’t see all around (balanced with greater range?) or possibly have ones that attack slower. And it seems like enemies should cast shadows of each other.

    • Thanks, yes, they will get different frustums angles to spice up things, I will also try to give them more varying behavior. Good point, will add that so enemies throw shadows off each other too.

    Very addicting game, enjoyed every second of it. Cant wait for more!

    • Yay, thanks!

    Great game, level 9 took me a few tries. Cant wait to see what else you add to it.

    • Thanks!

    love the game played the original and sall it in 3d and freaked cepe up the work.