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Run & Jump future plans

Since there was so much positive feedback on the prototype I will make a game out of it. I’ll not make a big project, just try to keep it simple and focus on the fast run and jump feel. I will try to avoid adding “fluff” mostly because I think it’s so boring to code stuff like achievements, Facebook integration, explanatory tutorials etc. The only fluff I can think of now is adding some kind of scoring mechanism and a high score system.

Anna did this sketch

Here is what I will do:
– spend Easter in Paris with Anna, Philip & Louise
– twisting tracks
– looping tracks
– more weird ambient background stuff
– better lightning
– levels in different difficulty
– random levels
– high score
– an infinite track with where you can see how far people have run (markers along the track)
– hardest part: find a good name for the game
– possible to make own levels with json?

This list should be doable in reasonable time, something for me to do in the evenings and on weekends.


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    I think this is an addicting Beta game…or Alpha…IDK…anyways if you would take my advice, i think that a custom building map would be awesome, and different textures (with corresponding sounds) would be cool. A quicker death would be nicer, I found that I just fly through the world for a bit then respawn, maybe force the character to fall faster from a certain height? Also, gender choosing would be cool, and a better pain sound, the other seems to high pitch… that’s about it. Keep this game up!