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Shadowess for mobiles

I am working on a new version of Shadowess, an old flash game I made many years ago. The game, in its simplicity, received pretty good reviews and I wanted to make a modern version for mobiles. I’ve reworked the levels and tried to up the graphics a bit.

Here is a gameplay video with 4 levels showing some of the different mechanics:

Help with testing

If you have an Android device and want to help me out with testing just send me an email (playchilla AT playchilla DOT com) with your google account email and I will add you to the list of testers. Tests will probably start during May. I will put all testers in the credit list.


Also, it feels really good to leave flash, now I am working in Java with LibGdx (cross platform thingy). LibGdx is great and I really like that you can work at pretty low level if you wish. I have not tried the IOS export yet, but I hope it will work as good as the Android.


    I think this could become a popular game – seems it got what it takes, an interesting challenge.


  • I’ve sent an invite! Thanks.

  • Hey Jon!

    I’d love to help test your game. I already liked the pc version!
    It’s also a plus for me because now I’m just staring out of the windows in the train everyday going to school for 40 minutes.

    Cheers from the Netherlands!