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Started on campaign

Now that I got the level editor running making levels is pretty easy. So I spent some hours throwing together a bunch of levels. I want the start levels to be really easy and basic and incrementally get more complex. I decided to build a world with clusters of levels – each cluster introduces a new tower or enemy or something like that and get unlocked as the player completes levels. I also wanted to add some freedom of choosing a path through the world. You might not want to play all levels.

As you unlock levels you also unlock new towers and upgrades on previously unlocked towers. I’m not entirely sure how to make all this self explanatory yet. Also, it feels like the game is missing something, it feels kind of stiff. Not sure what exactly. I like the simple graphics and I don’t wont to spend to much time on that, but it might be that enemy movements are too much moving along a rail. I might make that more organic in a future version.

Thanks to everyone who is testing it and leaving feedback!

Try it here and let me know what you think!

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