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Tower Defense is now playable

I’ve just released a playable level of the tower defense I’m working on. This first level only contains two simple towers (bullet + slow) and three different enemies, it’s nothing fancy just plain tower defense.

Feedback is appreciated

This is a first test in order to get some feedback on controls and game play and the general feel of the game. Please comment if you try it out.

Toplist and ads

I also added a top list to make it a little bit more fun. At first I designed an own high score system (on paper) then, in order to save time, I decided to use an already made API. After some hours of reading I wasn’t any wiser on what system to use so I decided just to pick one that looked decent (sometimes it’s more efficient to just try stuff in practice than trying to figure them out in theory). I ended up with mochi media. I wanted to turn off the ads, at least during development but it seems that I had no such option.

As I final note my record has already been broken, a player “fghj” managed to stay alive for 33 waves vs my 27.


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